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Our first album, recording facilities were very basic back then. Back then the band was only Geert Vandekerkhof (Ches), Melissa Vandewalle, and Manu Coulier (who did the video's) The band's name was quickly chosen because it all started with the reunion of "De Klinke" in 2009. It was never ment to be German, it's just non-language.. It all started with the idea to participate on a compilation album on Alfa Matrix, so Jan Dewulf of Alfa Matrix's Diskonnekted who practically lives next door of Ches did the mix of "Clear Mind" wich was the very first "Der Klinke song" The track wasn't selected for this compilation but Der Klinke was born. Back then we had to record audio tracks on cd and mix them with vocals then in real time while recording on minidisc or another cd.. Luckily we were able to build our complete own studio during the years, but still like the unique atmosphere of these original first recordings. 


After the release of "Square Moon" we started to go live. To make this work Sam Claeys, Chris De Neve, and Marco Varotta joined the band (Bassguitar, drums, guitar) Because of this our live sound became very different of the cd-sound. So with the recordings of "The Second Sun " we've decided to add all of these in the studio recordings making this album sounding quite different.. improved.  Like Ches once said.. "Square Moon" was the album that I should have released in the eighties, while "The Second Sun" is the one that had to be released in the nineties.. Our third album will be the one of today.. It's typical Der Klinke.. a strange but unique sound and atmosphere.. an album that needs quite some listenings to get used too but was also overwhelmed with positive reviews


After the release of "The Second Sun" we've did lots of gigs and a cover of Fad Gadget's "Back to Nature' because in 2012 it was ten years ago that he past away so suddenly... When listening to The Doll it's even like Fad Gadget was with us ever since.. (according to some magazines) It's has also been reviewed as being our "Our Darkness" or " A Forest",meaning a timeless classic. and indeed it has become a necesarry track on many parties worldwide. Funny thing is that even at the moment of doing the videoshoot we hadn't got a clue about the lyrics or songtitle.. only had the instrumental demo version of it.. We've booked a castle to do the filming ment to do a videoshoot for "The Gathering of Hopes" the titletrack of the third album, but because of the succes of this dance track we needed to do this one first..  Took some things with us like a doll etc.. and then when watching all the videomaterial Ches wrote the lyrics  And the song was called "The Doll" ever since....


A second single for the third album and a second track by pure coïncedence.. When listening to the demo we've found it sounding quite military so we decided to do something with it in a setting of the first world war.. After all "Flanders Fields" is our backyard in a manner of speaking.. Didn't realise that 2014 is the year of massive memorials of WO I because it's one hundred years ago.. Marco volunteered to take the role as WO I soldier and we had great fun in doing this song. We've first played it live in Dentergem we're we've played along with "She Past Away". During rehearsals Ches came up with this one and said "Look, it's something new but I want us to play this one next week" ..

10” Vinyl - The Doll

A year after the release of the "The Doll" EP this song has become

the classic journalists were saying it was going to be.

Added the "Back To Nature" cover for the first time because this one

could have been the trigger to write a song like this, or perhaps "Las Fabricas'

the most danceable track on the "The Second Sun" album. so Las Fabricas is


as well.. it's a collector's item on grey marbled vinyl.. by the time you are reading

this all copies of this one will most likely be sold out as it's limited on 239 copies

(and yet another coincedence as 239 is the house number of the studio..)

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The frontcover already predicts something strange…. All kids.. as children

represents hope and the songs on it are our hopes too… songs with a meaning,

songs that will leave no one indifferent, songs that will last longer as only a few

years.. songs that can be passed on for generations to come but also represent

a good perspective on the times we’re living in right now.

Included the singles “The Doll” and “Facts of Life” but both re-recorded..

Also “Cold Water” which has been “released” on youtube already some time ago..

Biggest surprise is perhaps our version of the Jamie Woon song “Night Air” as we

achieved to integrate this song into our own sound universe..

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