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1    Perfectly Dead      

 You've tried to ruin me tried to defeat me You've tried to change me tried to destroy me to me.. you're perfectly dead Your selfisch acquisations are your facinations To me...your're perfectly dead Tv, government, popes and priests they're ruin our freedom, abusing our children To me.. they're perfectly dead The world has entered its final stage Time for freedom, to open the cage or your freedom is perfectly dead All we've ever wanted, all we've ever cared for All we've ever dreamed of, all we've ever wished for The rest is perfectly dead

2    You         

Staring trough the window Watching the nightfall Surrounded by desires Stepping over wires People staring Kind of scary But I don’t mind I don’t care Searching, tracing, finding, holding You, only you Loving, needing, caring, wanting You, only you I’m waiting I’m searching Where are you I’m searching in this crowd In this crowd I’m searching your face I’m waiting I’m searching Where are you I need your voice I need you Where are you

3    Surrender      

 No time to waste No time to loose I’ll bring you down And you’ll surrender I’am the victim And you’re the crime I’ll find some source off  weakness I’ll bring you down And you’ll surrender Now ! .... what you gonne do now 4x I’ll bring you down It’s time for you to surrender , now !!! Solo I’ll bring you down It’s time for you to surrender , now !!! Instr 2X This ship sails Through EVERY wave I’am the captain Promissing you sunny days I’ll bring you down Don’t you ever come around

4    Square Moon      

 We are walking half past midnight The square moon is bright as sunlight. My life like an endless walk Through dark forests and lakes of tears. Each footstep is a fantasy Hope it’s not reality Reach out my hands So I can feel Things that could kill me psychologically And then like an angel you came to me Took my hand and guided me You gave me life Gave me light Colored my eyes Whispered to me Come my dear and follow me I’ve been here before through all this misery But I feel that with you by my side There’s nothing to worry There’s nothing to hide So don’t be afraid to open your heart But don’t tell lies that tear me apart You’re my goddess Of passion , of true love Now that I’ve found you I lay in your hands My past, my future, Share all my plans And whisper to you Whisper in your ears Are we still walking I can’t feel my feet Hear no footsteps Underneath Feels like we’re flying Higher and higher Above all the treetops Close to desires Oh my love, open your eyes I think that we're flying through the sky Stars shine bright Black and white Hold me tight Hold me tight

5    3 Am        

 3AM a voice in the night calling your name Footsteps coming closer again and again you open your eyes but cannot see only hear your heartbeat inbetween A cold breeze around your lips is moving in circles down to your hips Now you know you're not alone your body lies frozen like a stone fear of the unknown A body is crawling on top of you forcing your legs to open to you smell its breath controlling you All of the sudden the presence is leaving the curtains are moving your bed still shaking You open your eyes and now you see remains of the action inbetween

6    Radio       

 The time Has come To smash down Your radio radio The songs Are depressing The voice So annoying You know They only want you To buy their stupid records NOT ME NOT ME The Radio Is your companion Towards an empty life Go to concerts Go to parties Meet musicians Buy their records But never No never Download music Download music This really ruins the artists you like Alternative music can only last When those who like it buy  these records Surviving in our own scene, We never get a penny from radio’s Because…. It’s just the same old show On my radio

7    The Voice       

 It’s so cold And I’m feeling lost Feeling empty All left alone And I need some motivation Just to keep me going on But the worries in my head are much too strong I’ll be the voice Let me guide you It’s your own choice Don’t let it destroy you I’ll be the voice Let me guide you It’s your own choice Don’t let it destroy you Cause what I want that’s what I’ll get Whatever it takes I won’t regret Cause what I want that’s what I’ll get Whatever it takes I won’t regret

8    Where It Ends       

Frustation and anger deep inside is making you crawl, you want to hide The hearts of the abandoned are changing their colours brown dark red turns to yellow Uncertain abandoned liquid skies Velvet betrayals farewells & goodbyes The smile once noticed has faded away I know it was impossible for you to stay This is where it ends with eyes wide open This is where it ends your mind gets frozen This is where it ends the sea needs water This is where it ends This is the border Trying hard to swim in a world without water All lined up like lambs to the slaughter Seeking comfort, a place to come home when suddenly you realise you're left all alone Jealous, selfish, dishonest, unreliable directed by externals indifferent to the truth hostile, controlling, suspicious, insincere trying just to ruin our confidence and strength Cruelty to eachother, who's bigger, who's the best The world is but a jungle for those who are so humble Reaching out there, out there for the sun while that sun is burning, your body and your soul Building your life now gathered some close friends when all of the sudden someone stabs you in the back. This is where it ends with eyes wide open This is where it ends your mind gets frozen This is where it ends the sea needs water This is where it ends This is the border

9    Clear Mind       

 When I went to sleep last night, I wish I could go back in time, Waking up in 84, living back in 85 Doing all things different, Being young not ignorant. Seemed to me, yeah its seemed to me like the ultimate and golden opportunity Loving my girl more honestly, Follow my dreams independently, No more pain, no more regrets Watching concerts of the dead.. Clothes and records almost for free, Knowing numbers of the lottery, Being who I want to be, No more tears, no misery. But then I suddenly realized, That all of now would be vaporised My friends and children would not be there Thinking different but I do care. Now it’s half past three at night, Turning the light on, what’s inside. Everything is still the same, The room, the curtains, and the rain. After all I can’t complain I’ve done my youth and my mistakes Going back is no solution Reaching out there for the brakes Is only causing more confusion. But how I wished, yeah how I wished That I could reach out in the mist Holding hands of the deceased Saying sorry for all my grieves Now I know one thing for sure, I have to live now not before Turning the clock upside down Will never cause a change in time. I love the night, adore the moon Live in black with chants of gloom When the night comes to an end I must stay focus and pretend Now it’s time for me to change In what I am not how I aged The years back then went by too fast I never knew they wouldn’t last Now it’s half past five at night, I’m reaching out, turn on the light Begging, screaming, no one to blame Stop these voices inside my brain I’ve had my dreams, I’ve had my loves spoiled it all with wrong decisions I’m feeling guilt, I’m feeling sorrow Wishing there is no tomorrow Now I stand before the mirror Tears ran dry, I couldn’t figure the date, the time, the year, my inner What’s the time, it’s half past three  my mind is playing tricks on me I can’t express now what I feel I yearn for love, yearn for tee I know you think on what’s behind I know I have to clear my mind. In other words I can say this No more chances, no more bliss Beauty is of non existence In the shadow of resistance I know I have to clear my mind if I want to face daylight.

10    Castle In The Dark       

 There is a  town, a distant place Invincible for most and those who chase There are no houses, there’s no sunlight Only the moon that shines on midnight No one knows if there is someone Abandoned for years, decades or how long There are some rumours about a murder Haunting ghosts, spirits and further You have to take a walk with me A trip into the darkest history The time for me has come to share The things I saw when I was there I, I remember, black pillows and curtains, empty rooms and vomiting turtles Crawling images carrying candles, coldness, a breeze,  vanishing mantles I was in a castle of what remained of it, had no windows, no door, couldn’t even light my cigarette. And all of the sudden, I stood outside, it was at daytime but it was dark as night. I started to run felt afraid Was this a nightmare , real or fake No one talks about this castle Has been there forever and so it will lasting A hundred years or more ago It was a little village as some might know There are no roads, there was no traffic Demographic, ethnographic, photographic And the very same night, I red a book and saw those very same images A family once wealthy but ignorant, build their castle that became home for darkness They worshipped each other but murdered their lovers Soon, the whole place became cursed, blocked from the sun and everything from earth. It’s a place that exists in all of our minds, home for fears or anguish delights The castle in the darkness lives Within ourselves for passion and bliss The locker or the bunker for all our secrets Just open it’s door, reveal your conscience The castle in the darkness lives Within ourselves – immortal kiss We live in black chasing beauty Cut down those chains, and live your movie.

11    At Night       

 At night when the streets are empty the city is an arteficial light At night we'll come outside just leave me alone searching alikes At night At night I can not sleep searching for a meaning behind all this At night I'm walking alone talking to myself until dawn At night At night My hands are cold Echoeing my heartbeat All alone At night Tears come out along with their owners,the innerfight At night At night I don't answer any question any demand At night no more kindness no more being polite At night A girl approaches down the street Her Golden hair waves to me a glinster in her eyes hiding a smile wipes of lipstick hiding a cry Without a word we stood and stared discovered eachother, discovered ourselves Her hands reaching out touching my face wiping away sadness, embrace The night At night Dressed in black longerie she kisses me intensively secretly At night No attachments or boundaries at night I'm living only At night
 Tracklist 1. Perfectly Dead 2. You 3. Surrender 4. Square Moon 5. 3 AM 6. Radio 7.  The Voice 8. Where It Ends 9. Clear Mind 10. Castle In The Dark 11. At Night